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Single parents’ struggles

In a world where family bonds are highly valued, children who grow up with single parents face a unique set of challenges.
Death, divorce, and child neglect are some of the reasons why children are left without the care and attention of both parents.
This can be a difficult situation for children who are forced to fill a gap in their hearts that can only be filled by the love and affection of both parents.

Despite these challenges, Karen Mililmo, a second-year student at the University of Zambia (UNZA) has refused to let her circumstances define her.
Karen lives with her single mother, who works tirelessly to provide for her and her siblings.

Although she acknowledges that it has been a tough journey, Karen is grateful for her mother’s love and care.

She plans to complete her education and work hard to support her family in the future.

Similarly, Christine Mbewe, a resident of Chilenje South compound, admits that living with a single parent is not easy.

She says her mother struggles to afford certain things she likes, but unlike her peers, she does not involve herself in activities that may put a strain on her mother’s budget.

Christine says she is thankful to her mother who has been her shield, and who is doing everything she can to raise Christine in the right path.

Finally, Racheal Zimba, a resident of Chalala area has also been raised by a single parent.

Racheal lives with her father, who has been her source of inspiration and support.
Despite feeling discouraged at times, Racheal remains focused on her goals and believes that God has a plan for her.

She says she hopes to co-parent in the future, allowing her children to experience the love and care of both parents.

Karen, Christine, and Racheal’s experiences demonstrate the resilience and determination of children who grow up with single parents.

They encourage other children in similar situations not to give up on their dreams and to trust in God’s plan for their lives.

Although their circumstances may be challenging, they refuse to let them limit their potential.

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