Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) says it is concerned at recent reports of verbal and physical violence on health workers at Kalene Mission Hospital in Ikelenge District, North Western Province.

In a statement, HPCZ Senior Public Relations Officer, Terry Musonda said that health services at the hospital were temporarily disrupted after the community in Ikelenge District rose against a doctor who was accused of negligence following the death of a patient.

HPCZ, working with other authorities is investigating the matter, putting into consideration both the alleged negligent behaviour and the violence against health personnel by the community,

Musonda said.

He noted that despite patients having rights and responsibilities when they visit health facilities, health practitioners equally enjoy certain rights which must be respected at all times.

Among the responsibilities of a patient are to respect health practitioners and desist from any form of physical or verbal abuse against health practitioners,

Musonda said.

In the same, health practitioners are expected to be professional and abide by the Code of Ethics and other guidelines within their practices.

Musonda has since urged members of the public and health practitioners to adhere to the Patient’s Rights Charter and National Healthcare Standards to ensure quality healthcare.

Last week, health staff at Kalene Mission Hospital staged a protest after Head of Clinical Care, Chola Kafwimbi, was alleged to have been attacked  by relatives of a deceased patient.