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Zambia to have prayer session day for all entertainers-Njoya Tembo

Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) President Njoya Tembo has confirmed 4th March, 2017 as a prayer session day for all the entertainers in Zambia.

Mr Tembo stated that it is very clear the pivotal role that musicians play in shaping society’s life style, developing language, perception and in the development of culture and tradition.

“Many other entertainers will come through on this day to commit their lives, renounce immature deaths and pray for the improvement of the music industry in the country including reduction of piracy,” he said.

This prayer session day comes as a result to public outcrys that demanded a National day of mourning for the late musical legend,  Joe chibangu.

Mr Tembo explained that certain artists deserve national mourning especially those identified to have contributed largely towards the development of the Zambian music industry and the nation at large.

Mr Tembo elucidated that his association was compelled to write a letter to the Secretary to the Cabinet explaining why the late Joe Chibangu deserved state funeral though no comprehensive response was accorded.

ZAM President alluded that a few details have been gathered on how  the desire will be conducted in a rightful manner in which the consideration of national mourning  should be done in allowing musicians to be recognized by the state.

“We have gathered a few details on how to go through this desire in the rightful manner, we will put this in writing so that our heroes- the musicians are recognized by the state,” Mr Tembo stated.

Furthermore, a conciliation has been received by the association in naming a particular road in Kabwata Constituency after the late Joe Chibangu in his honor.

According to Mr Tembo, this has disclosed the beginning of the main appreciations on what the musicians are doing in the country.

“And so, on the 4th of March this year, we will gather for prayers for all the country’s entertainers at the Cathedral of the Holy cross. We just want to commit our lives and say no to early deaths and pray for the improvement of the music industry,” Mr Tembo said.

Additionally, free medical screening will be provided by the Zambia Medical Association to all who will be present on this day so that each one knows his/ her health status.

In addressing the issue of piracy in Zambia, Mr Tembo alluded that musicians are protected by the law like any other citizen in the country and that their works are also protected by the Intellectual Property law against any form of piracy.

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