Vice-President Inonge Wina has clarified that the law does not mandate police to dispose of confiscated items obtained from smugglers.

Mrs. Wina said only the courts of law have powers to determine how smuggled goods can be disposed.

She was responding to Chifubu Member of Parliament Frank Ng’ambi regarding allegations that police officers on the Copperbelt are selling mealie meal that has been confiscated from suspected smugglers during the Vice-President`s Question Time.

Government has not received any reports regarding the Zambia Police selling confiscated mealie meal. I believe there is no truth in the said allegation.

Mrs. Wina said.

The Vice President further said that if the allegations are true, investigations will be undertaken to ascertain the truth regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wina says Zambia has its own cultural values and norms that do not support homosexuality.

The vice president added that the recent conviction of the two men by the courts of law for homosexual acts is supported by the country`s statutes.

There are 73 ethnic groups in Zambia, and I have not come across one that promotes homosexuality. This means that Zambians are not ready to accept this practice,

Mrs. Wina said.

She added that the discussion of homosexuality has been turned into a political matter and is being used by interested parties to promote their own interests.

She said that because the matter has become a global issue, the world must not judge Zambia by their own standards.