In a much-anticipated outcome, Zambian social commentator and Facebook enthusiast Simon Mwewa has been named Social Media Personality of the Year 2019 by Diamond Television.

Mr Mwewa is popularly known for using Facebook to promote proper usage of the English language, raising awareness on the importance of personal hygiene as well as helping mold public opinion on various issues of public interest in the country.

Here is a copy of his ACCEPTANCE SPEECH as monitored on his Facebook page, which boasts of over 160,000 followers:


Firstly, I dedicate this award to my late Father, Dr. Simon Mwewa. You were a visionary. We love and miss you every day.

Social Media should be used for GOOD not EVIL. It should be used to build not destroy. We are all entitled to our opinions, but NOBODY is entitled to spreading lies, innuendo and criminal libel, in the name of ‘Free Speech.’

Let’s move away from this notion that Facebook is inconsequential. When people say ‘Ivi nivi Facebook chabe’ [ This is just Facebook ] they are ignoring Facebook’s far reaching power of altering people’s perception of you.

Simon Mwewa in action on his Facebook live show with popular Zambian comedian Bwana Njombe

Thank you to everyone that voted for me. I am so happy that you saw it fit to name me ‘Social Media Personality Of The Year’

Thank you also to my ‘SML Facebook FAMILY members’, I love you.

Lastly and most importantly. Thank you to my wife and children for their love and support.”



Victor Kalalanda

Victor Kalalanda is a final year media student at the University of Zambia, and he is the current managing editor of this online newspaper, the Lusaka Star. His expertise as a final year media student straddles two vastly different countries, namely Switzerland, where he worked for a top-tier media agency as a B360 Digital Marketing Global Intern, and Zambia, where he has, as either stringer or intern, competitively held jobs with all State-owned media—the Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (TV1 & TV2). For additional media production skills and insights, he completed a two-months internship with Loyola Media Productions & Broadcasting Zambia Limited—and continues to serve with a campus radio station as a reporter, news and show presenter. Before university, he survived on a series of odd jobs, later worked as a street hawker, itinerant security guard and barman, during which time he suffered bouts of humiliation and poverty, and vowed that if he ever got a real chance at life, he would die a little to make the most of it. As such, since entering university, grit and determination have been his life's guiding principles and this has in the past led a lecturer and a recruiter to describe him as "very aggressive and ambitious." In 3 years he has built a reputation for academic excellence, won 3 coveted awards and he has served in top student leadership positions as a class representative, publicity secretary and senior news editor. In his final year he now concentrates not only on building a great GPA but also on raising his career profile as a digital marketing consultant, professional ghostwriter and book editor, journalist, managing editor of the Lusaka Star, public relations aide and research assistant. He balances up his enthusiasm for career development with humanitarian work as a secretary general of an NGO, and further as a guitarist. He enjoys intellectual discussions around the subjects of love, relationships, media, politics, economics, education, underdevelopment, religion, charity, literature, sports and travelling.