Creative arts in Zambia has come a long way since independence and it has continued to thrive and grow despite it being in its infancy stage.

Regardless of this, Filmmaking has not been left out of the bandwagon.

Over the last couple of years, filmmakers in Zambia have continued to collaborate with both government and the private sector in order to produce quality film content that will not only be entertainment but will also groom young talent.

This development in the film industry has given room to filmmakers like British-born Zambian filmmaker David Kazadi to flourish as he recently premiered the trailer for his much-anticipated action film, “Black Dollar”.

David who is also the CEO of Kazadi films collaborated with both seasoned and upcoming actors to bring the much-anticipated film to life.

And speaking to the Lusaka Star, Kazadi films general manager Delphine Chisulo said since the premier of the trailer, the response from the general public has been “overwhelming”.

Black Dollar trailer

“The response has been very overwhelming, we have both negative and positive responses but at the end of the day, people are very excited to see the movie when it comes out,” she explained.

She also elaborated that despite the COVID-19 setback, preparations for the premier of the movie are already underway.

The film which was shot on a budget of almost one million dollars is set to be premiered in cinemas across the country on December 14, 2020.