University of Zambia (UNZA) students took it to the road side yesterday morning to react to Xenophobic attacks occurring in South Africa.

The students, dressed in black, matched to the South African embassy to express their grievances  to the South Africans’ behavior towards foreigners.

The event brought a stand still to the capital citys’ high-ways as students took control of all operations.

The protest was under the supervision of the Zambia Police to avoid violence.

Motorists reacted with hooting to express their agrrements to students disagreement.

The students re-exprssed their concern at the South Africans  by putting up a fire at the South-Africans’embassy, a situation which led to the police to use teargas to disperse the UNZA mob.

Meanwhile, Lusaka province Minister Bowman Lusambo walked with students from the embassy to UNZA main campus to ensure students’ safety.

The Minister has assured students that government was alive to attacks by South Africans causing several deaths.



Chinyemba Kamweho

Chinyemba Kamweho is a Media and Communications Studies student at the University of Zambia. He has written for several media platforms and is currently a senior business editor for the Lusaka Star Online Newspaper. He is passionate about media works and is hopeful to penetrate media circles against all odds.