University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) have disclosed their plans on opening more shops on campus in order to tackle inconveniences the students are facing due to having one grocery shop at the Great East campus..

Acting UNZASU Minister of Commerce and Trade, Chikomeni Nyirongo said that opening more shops will enhance student safety which in turn will put the school at an advantage as all profits will go to the school.

We are trying to push so hard so that at least three shops that will be located one by vet and two by the ruins,


He also disclosed that the profits generated from the shop go to repairing damaged sockets in hostels.

Meanwhile, students have raised concerns towards having one only one shop on campus as it has hiked prices of goods.

Social Work student Namakau Sitali said having one shop is an inconveniencing because students end up walking long distances to find what they need, therefore wasting time that could be spent doing productive.

She added that the shop is slowly losing customers because everyone is rushing to Kalingalinga or the mall to escape the hiked prices.

Currently, the only operating grocery store is funded and run by the University of Zambia Student Union under the ministry of Trade and Commerce.