The University of Zambia (UNZA) Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Enala Mwase Tembo has disclosed that management has started the process of engaging President Edgar Lungu in providing a lasting solution to the problem of delayed salaries.

Prof. Mumba who is currently  acting as vice chancellor said as soon as she gets a response she will engage the republican president.

This follows a meeting held yesterday between Management and University Lecturers who asked her to engage president Lungu in belief that the president was not truthfully informed of the problems that the University is facing.

Prof. Mumba however said  it is a known thing that the university has not been financially stable for some time, adding that the problem of unpaid salaries has been there even in olden days.

She had since assured all members of staff that management is doing all things possible to see to it that their salaries are credited as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, University of Zambia Lectures and Researchers Union (UNZALARU), University of Zambia Professional Staff Union (UNZAPROSU) and University of Zambia Allied Workers Union have maintained their stance of not offering their services to the university.

UNZARALU President, Dr Evans Lampi said UNZALARU will be going around the school and ensure that no lecturer will be offering their services to the university.

He said all lecturers who will be found wanting will be named and shamed publicly.

Dr Lampi also said that management through the Registrar must release a memo explaining to the lecturers why the salaries have delayed and when they are likely to receive them.

UNZALARU was further advised to have talks with the University of Zambia Student Union to ensure that students do not act in any uncalled for manner as a result of the current happenings.