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ZAM dissapointed with hologram enforcement

THE Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) president has expressed disappointment over the enforcement of holograms in the country adding that musicians expected a lot from the introduction of the holograms. THE Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) has expressed disappointment over the enforcement of holograms in the country.

In an interview with the Lusaka Star, ZAM president Njoya Tembo, commonly known as Njoya Tee, said musicians in Zambia are disappointed as they expected a lot from the introduction of the hologram.

“When the hologram came, we had very high expectations but the level of seriousness in its implementation is disappointing,” he said.

Njoya Tee explained that the hologram has proved to be a cost to musicians adding that musicians did not benefit from the introduction of the holograms since their inception.

He further revealed that the enforcement of the hologram was not as effective as expected adding that perpetrators of piracy were fined a very low amount of money.

“You find that perpetrators are fined only K900 or K 1000 which is unfair compared to the amount of money and time musicians put in the production of their music,” Njoya Tee explained.

Tembo further added that such a situation was unfortunate as it did not add any value to the works of the artist.

He lamented that piracy will continue preventing Zambians from making it on the international market if left unchecked.
“If Zambian musicians are to make it on international level, they need to make money but piracy is robbing them of this,” Tembo said.

The ZAM President was however quick to noted that the hologram is also important as it helps consumers buy original and legitimate products.

“Consumers benefit from the holograms as they buy products of high quality and get value for their money,” he explained.

Njoya Tee has since urged relevant authorities to revise the law on holograms and put up stiff punishment against people engaging in piracy.

A hologram is a security feature which is affixed on audio-visual works as a measure to curb piracy in the country.

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