The Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) has noticed that the closure of boarders by neighbouring countries will create a close linkage in the manufacturing industry.

ZAM Chief Executive Officer Chipego Zulu said trade among local players in the industry will contribute to the medium to long term sourcing of inputs in the country.

We must consider the closure of borders by South Africa for example as an opportunity to  grow and focus on industrialising our industry to be self -sufficient in the provision of raw material,


She added that there is need to create fiscal incentives around the sourcing of raw materials locally to create a value chain in the manufacturing industry.

Once these incentives are in place, fruit farmers for example can create a link with  soft drink processing companies and provide a cheaper market within the country,


The CEO said once the implementation of policies and frameworks are done, more local and foreign investors will be lured  to invest in the provision of raw material.

She has welcomed the Statutory Instrument (SI) which was enacted to enable the allowance of local content to 2 percent. 

Meanwhile, Creation Dynamics Company Limited Managing Director Harrison Mwenda said the use of local raw materials is a welcomed move but entirely depends on the type of manufacturing a company.

The sourcing of raw materials in the industry is a good move, but as Creation Dynamics Company Limited we currently have no local suppliers in the country,


Mr. Mwenda added that the company is looking forward to a time when local firms can produce raw material used in 3D printing. 



Shem Malinda

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