The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) in collaboration with the Kitwe City Council (KCC) has seized goods worth k1,800 in Kitwe, Copperbelt.

CCPC public relations officer Namukolo Kasumpa said the goods were seized after a joint inspection was conducted in two main retail outlets.

Ms. Kasumpa  said the ceased items were expired while others did not have expiry dates.

‘’The good had defects and did not meet the mandatory product information standards  set by section 50 of the CCPC act and  the drugs regulation act under Cap 300 of the laws of Zambia,’’ she said.

Ms. Kasumpa disclosed that the ceased goods included Tropical Fresh Juices, Canned baked beans, Mouth wash, assorted snacks, Ice Cream and Chicken.

She warned suppliers, retailers and distributors who are in the habit of selling unsuitable products which have exceeded or close to reaching their shelf life to cease from doing so.

Ms. Kasumpa further advised traders to abide by the law and desist from engaging in unfair trade practices and activities that erode consumer welfare.

She appealed to members of the public to be alert and check for expiry dates as well as general information of products to avoid endangering their lives.




Loretta Ching'andu

Loretta Ching'andu is a Media and Communication student at the University of Zambia. She is a charismatic leader, public speaker and a seasoned radio and tv presenter. She is a youth, women, good governance advocate and very passionate about the media. Loretta loves to report on community and business news stories, often highlighting on salient issues that affect her and her community. She is a modest but very hard working young lady who consistently sets firm goals for herself. Her other area of interests include the Law and Justice system, Mental health, Sexual Reproductive health, Gender equality and Climate change.