TIZ dismayed by Liato’s release

TIZ dismayed by Liato’s release »

25 Aug, 2015

TRANSPARENCY International Zambia (TIZ) has condemned the continued release and pardoning of former ministers from Zambian prisons. Speaking in an interview with the Lusaka Star, TIZ director Goodwill Lungu said TIZ had received with great dismay the release of former labour minister Austin Liato. He said government’s tendency of pardoning convicted former ministers serving prison sentences on the context of being sick is a form of political manipulation and an obstruction of justice.

Chimbokayila prison demand more support for football at the penitentiary »

12 Dec, 2013

LUSAKA'S Chimbokayila Central Prisons authority has called on the corporate world to offer more support towards football at the prison. In an interview , Chimbokayila Central Prison Sports Coordinator, Fred Mwaba said there was need for sponsors, especially from the corporate world  to come on board and support football at the prison in order to promote sports and keep inmates fit.