Government call on mines to improve worker safety

Government call on mines to improve worker safety »

31 Jul, 2015

GOVERNMENT has urged mining firms in the country to put in place good safety systems that that will ensure the protection and safety of workers.

Over 300, 000 Zambians face hunger due to partial drought

Over 300, 000 Zambians face hunger due to partial drought »

25 Jul, 2015

Over 300, 000 Zambians have been left vulnerable to food insecurity because of last season’s partial drought, a government report says. The government through the office of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit undertook a vulnerability assessment study whose report also suggests among others measures such as food relief distribution and diversified food crop cultivation as credible measures to assist those in need.

Inter Company relay commence »

14 Jun, 2014

The 16th Inter-Company Rely (ICR) has commenced and at least 1, 000 people from all walks of life are expected to take part. Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, Inter-Company Rely (ICR) Chairman Elias Mpondela said that 77 companies out of the expected 125 had already confirmed their participation in the event with the theme ‘Act Now and Stops Accidents’ He adds that 400 people are expected to take part in the health walk and in the new Power race sponsored by Bata.

Consumption of soil is hazardous to pregnant women – Gynecologist »

3 Dec, 2012

KITWE Central Hospital Consultant Gynecologist, Tashbekov Djuraber has urged expecting mothers to refrain from consuming soil in order to prevent delivery related complications. Dr. Tashbekov said in an interview that pregnant women who practice geophagy (eating of dirt) should stop because some soil types contain unhealthy material that have no nutritional benefits thereby putting the lives of both the mother and the unborn baby at risk.

“We Don’t Feel Zambian”- Penridge Residents

“We Don’t Feel Zambian”- Penridge Residents »

30 Nov, 2012

Residents of Ndola's Misundu Pendridge block area are calling on local authority’s to elevate them from the abject poverty they have been living in since independence. 74 year old Emmanuel Chimuola told the Lusaka Star that Pendridge farm block has been underdeveloped for a long time now. “I have lived in this area for 42 years and in all these years our area lacks the basic facilities needed for people to live properly”, he said.

Passion- A Key to Success

Passion- A Key to Success »

2 Oct, 2012

“I remember our humble beginnings, trading in two cakes every week,” recalls Mohammed Patel who is Cake Bar and Palisserie Manager and proprietor. Accordingly, Mr. Patel has called on people, especially youths, to innovatively develop their hobbies into businesses that can help sustain their lives as opposed to relying on government for employment.