Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya says the positive response by journalists to the call for media self-regulation is admirable.

She said journalism needs to be recognized as a profession and as such, practitioners must come together and set standards for their craft.

“Journalists both in private and public sector are the same hence the need to have  the same standards and adhere to the same professional code of ethics,” the minister said.

Ms. Siliya said the establishment of a media council that is backed by the law will help to cure polarization which has characterized the media fraternity.

The Minister who is also Chief Government spokesperson said the commitment which has been expressed through the upcoming media indaba is a step in the right direction.

She  said  it is high time that journalism regained its position and status in society.

‘The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services will continue facilitating the creation of a conducive environment for the private media to thrive through taxi incentives among other issues,” Ms Siliya said.

She emphasized that her ministry is responsible for the development of all media functionary be it public or privately owned and  that  it will do everything possible to ensure growth of a professional and yet profitable media industry.