Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba says all internet network sites in the country will be upgraded to 4th Generation(4G) at an estimated cost of US$150 million.

Mr Mushimba said talks around the upgrade of all towers to 4G countrywide had already begun with technology partners HUAWEI.

We are upgrading all network sites in the country to 4G from the current 2G or 3G, meaning there will be internet on all towers and network sites across the country – Mushimba

Mr Mushimba also said the upgrade of all sites to 4G will be done in a way that allows the towers to connect to 5G.

He explained that the towers will be upgraded with room for an extra slot for 5G in order to accommodate for a 5G upgrade in the future.

The minister said the  upgrade is important for Zambia as it will lead to a faster internet across all towers countrywide.

He stated that Huawei responded positively adding that as it does the upgrade to 4G, it will make sure that all those sites upgraded are 5G enabled.