ZAM blame media for vulgar lyrics in certain songs

ZAM blame media for vulgar lyrics in certain songs »

11 Feb, 2014

ZAMBIA Association of Musicians Secretary General James Chamanyazi says upcoming artistes cannot be blamed for vulgar lyrics because the media plays a major role by putting them in the lime light. Mr Chamanyazi said this has made unpleasant songs to be on high demand to the listeners. He said desperation, lack of vision and the urge for 'bubble gum fame' has also contributed to the production of disgraceful songs.

Poem: Snakes and Ladders

Poem: Snakes and Ladders »

5 Dec, 2013

The dice is rolled; My journey of life begins; I set foot on this road. Faith carries me far enough to make me believe in a god. I climb many ladders because of the virtues I hold. The King in me savours the days I spend in the city of gold. I am living a life of endless luxuries; my life will definitely be told. I swim in pools of pride saying goodbye to my past. My glass is always filled to the brim with lust.