Chawama and George compounds sensitised on water and sanitation

Chawama and George compounds sensitised on water and sanitation »

18 Apr, 2014

ALLIANCE for Sustainable Development (ASD) has together with Ox Farm Zambia and Village Water embarked on a project to sensitize residents of Chawama and George compound on proper management of solid waste in helping improve water sanitation. In an interview with the Lusaka star, ASD executive director Brenda Hanampoto said the project was aimed at creating awareness on how to manage solid waste. “We basically want to create awareness on how to manage and dispose of solid waste in a proper way,” she explained.

Chongwe residents experience erratic water supply »

20 Nov, 2012

The people of Chongwe are facing erratic water supply because Chongwe river has dried up due to suspect damming by farmers. According to Lusaka Water and Sewerage Public Relations Officer Topsy Sikainda, the people of Chongwe have had little or no water for the past three days because their only source of water, Chongwe river, has dried up. Sikainda explained that the suction pump could only work if water levels in the river were at least one meter deep but currently the deepest water level on the river was 20 centimeters .

Erratic water supply »

24 Sep, 2012

Dear VC, We the students of UNZA in keeping with the faith and acknowledging how this university has changed would like to commend you for the excellent work that has been done on our campus roads, main lecture theatres and the main university library. In a very short period of time, our campus roads have been tarred, our main lecture theatres and library roofs renovated making rainwater leakages through these roofs during the rain season a thing of the past.