Milimo Namangala

I am a University of Zambia student that is currently pursuing an undergraduate programme in communication and media studies. I am taking psychology as my minor. I would like to work in the advertising industry after I am done with my studies. Love art and music and like to apply this in my work. A consideration for studies in audio engineering is also part of my plans. As many great writers have said in the past words do have power to change lives.

Speed Dating Rocks UNZA Campus

Speed Dating Rocks UNZA Campus »

University of Zambia’s Psychology Association (UNZAPSASS) hosted the first ever speed dating event at the university’s library basement last Friday.

The main purpose

One Zambia, A Divided Nation

One Zambia, A Divided Nation »

24 Mar, 2017

I stand on a hill, heavily burdened and proclaim my message to mother Zambia and her children. Too many times have we heard